Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is time for serious people to get this right!


It is time for serious people to do serious things. On July 1st we are going to launch Let's Get This Right and Thanks to some high-powered long-time Republican operatives, the e-mail attached below will be going out to roughly 150,000 people in the next few days announcing Let's Get This Right.

That will be followed up with Press Releases to all the major news outlets.

What we are shooting for is rather modest. $10,000 in donations to John McCain and $1,000 to our selected candidates by our official launch date of July 1st.

Why July 1st? It is McCain Promotion Day. On July 1st, 1976 John McCain was promoted to Squadron Commander of Attack Squadron 174.John McCain was promoted to lead men into battle when Barack Obama was still in a private prep school in Hawaii.

Why should you go to and donate?

Partly it is strategic. Let's Get This Right is bigger than just the McCain Campaign. We do not believe this has to be a horrible year for Republicans. We can hold seats and win seats if we go out and do the work that must be done. Let's Get This Right.

If we can get supporters of local candidates enthused about John McCain they will turn out. If we can get McCain supporters nationwide to support local candidates, they will feed back to the national campaign.

The candidates we picked are either being targeted by liberal interest groups and bloggers, trying to hold on to Republican seats or are in key swing states that McCain needs huge turnouts to counter the Obama Machine that broke it's promise to take public financing because, as the old line, Chicago Party Democrat he is, he saw the political advantage of breaking his word.

We need to make sure that lying to the American people as Obama has done is not rewarded with votes or donations.

Please go to and make a donation. Even if it is only $10 to McCain and a dollar to our selected candidates. If you can make it $100 and $10 so much the better.

We need to support John McCain and rebuild the Republican Party.

See the general e-mail below.


You may not know us but we have been working day and night in support of John McCain, the Republican Party and more importantly, this country that we all hold dear. We have created 25+ websites, coordinated 200 pro-McCain blogs and have organized Google and Facebook groups in all 50 states and have basically created the online presence of John McCain for President.

We have decided that while supporting John McCain is a great and honorable task, we want to broaden our support of the Republican Party and most importantly, our nation. This election is vitally important so Let’s Get this Right.

We are at risk of losing dozens of seats in Congress, facing a virtually unstoppable Democratic majority in the Senate and of course, losing the White House.

To any Republican who is considering staying home on November 4th we have one message, “Shame on You.” Don’t stay home. Let’s Get This Right. Your local representative deserves better. Your Congressperson deserves better. Your Senator deserves better and our country deserves better.

As Ronald Reagan said “Sailing of a cliff with all flags flying is still sailing of a cliff.” Let’s not sail off that cliff. Let’s Get This Right.

So what exactly are we asking?

We are asking for a leap of faith. We are asking for a dedication to a Cause Greater. We are asking for a show of courage and commitment.

We are asking you to visit and find out what we are all about and how you can get involved.

We are asking that you go to and donate as little as $10 to any or if you can, all of our selected Congressional or Senatorial candidates and $10, $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can afford to John McCain.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has given as little as $98 to some of these campaigns. With your help we can do better than that. Much better. We have chosen these candidates for a variety of reasons, including their positions on issues, financial need, political geography and in some cases, publicity.

Help us show the world that Barack Obama, and the far left does not own the internet.

On July 1st, Promotion Day for John McCain we will be launching this national effort in support of John McCain, the Republican Party and this nation. We wanted to share this with you in advance and ask that you help us build this online presence just as we did for the McCain Campaign.

This election is vitally important. Let's Get This Right.


Sheridan Folger and Brad Marston

Executive Directors
Let’s Get This Right

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