Sunday, September 7, 2008

The ‘Please Do Something’ Congress

The remarkable side story to this year’s presidential election is how useless this Congress has become. Representative Dr. Michael Burgess of Texas estimates the actual days that the Congress will be in session before the November election is between 10-20 days. Senator Mitch McConnell is disturbed by the number of circuit court judge vacancies there are because Congress refuses to hold confirmation hearings. Dr. Burgess believes the only piece of legislation that may be addressed before this election is the Columbia Free Trade agreement, as the Dems don’t want to see the first possible piece of legislation to go before an Obama presidency to be a free trade agreement, as Senator Obama position on free trade has been muddled.

Differences in positions are part of the deal in Congress, but refusal to work or hold hearings is irresponsible. Speaker Pelosi has refused to hear the House energy bill, which has support with both conservatives and moderates as it takes a ‘do everything’ approach to help produce more energy, reducing gas and oil prices. As Dr. Burgess stated the Democratic leadership does not want to see any new laws passed that might make the Bush administration look good. Therefore, they stick the American people for their own political gain. Last session was known as the ‘Do nothing’ Congress, but as Dr. Burgess pointed out this has been the least effective Congress in recent history, and has taken on the moniker of the ‘Please do something’ Congress.

The 'Please Do Something' Congress

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